Disruption of Rail Traffic in Itarsi

On 17.06.2015, at about 0600 hours in the morning a fire broke out in the Route Relay Interlocking (RRI) room at Itarsi Railway Junction in Madhya Pradesh.

Signalling Relay Room system is a system by which all the signals and the points/crossings which are used for changing of routes at junction station are operated centrally from a cabin through electrical devices.Inspection of the Signalling Relay Room, after the fire was extinguished, has indicated extensive damage to Operation Panel, Indication Panel and all wiring. A considerable number of relays have also been badly damaged. As a result, complete train operation at Itarsi Station has been disrupted leading to severe detention to trains passing across Itarsi Station.

Itarsi Station is the critical junction station on Bombay-Bhopal, Bhopal-Nagpur and Bombay-Jabalpur-Allahabad route. This junction station deals with about 75 pairs of Mail/Express passenger trains every day and about 25 goods trains each way. Certain number of trains have been diverted through alternate routes and certain trains have been cancelled for a few days.

Railways has maintained that passengers can get updates of their trains by dialling 139 or logging onto enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/ntes.

Sources-PIB,Times of India


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