India is the 2nd most populous country in the world with a population of 1.25 billion people and 7th largest in area with a great variety in terrain- from being surrounded by 3 sides on sea to being bounded in north by mighty Himalayas. These features throw a unique kind of challenge to this south Asian democracy in terms of connectivity and infrastructure in 21st century.

Everything in India needs to be implemented on a mega scale because of the population and diversity involved. Consider for example Delhi metro- it would in next 4 years be world’s 2nd longest metro after London and may in some more years be the largest. Metro is operational/ under construction in at least 10 Indian cities and demand from other cities is increasing continuously. Metro/ Subway construction on such a large scale would probably be the first in world.

Similarly Indian railways have a total route length of about 68000 km which is the 4th longest in the world yet many Indian states hardly have any rail connectivity. These states generally in the North lie in mountainous terrain requiring heavy investment financially and technically. Himalayas are the world’s youngest mountain range and pose continuous technical challenge during construction. Yet the focus on infrastructure has increased in recent years.

In this blog I would share with you the latest updates on Indian infrastructure- Metro, roads and highways, railways, tunnels. airways, waterways etc. These would be curated from newspaper, Press Information Bureau- GOI and other reliable online sources.


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